We are a team with expertise in 3D Printing and Medical device from Tsinghua, Harvard, MIT, and USC.

We are looking for talented individuals that enjoy working in a highly dynamic startup environment to help us accomplish our goals!

Software Development Engineer

Summary Of Role

The Software Development Engineer role is responsible for creating 3D models from CT/MRI images and manipulating models. The ideal candidate has strong background in image processing and 3D model reconstruction, is experienced in general algorithm development.


Develop algorithms to reconstruct 3D models from CT/MRI images

Develop functions/tools to postprocess 3D models, e.g. feature recognition, 3D model Manipulation

Work closely with cross-team members to implement functions as desired

Basic Qualifications

Experience with medical image processing and 3D model reconstruction

Proficient in using computer graphics processing tools/libs, e.g., OpenGL, VTK, etc.

Proficient in Python or C++, and Git

Strong computer vision and mathematics fundamentals

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Preferred Qualifications

MS/PhD in CS, EE, ME or related majors

Extensive experience in 3D model reconstructions

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Test Engineer – Medical Device

Summary Of Role

The Medical Device Test Engineer role is responsible for testing Medical device developed by ZSFab, including Medical implants and surgical guides. The ideal candidate has strong background in mechanical testing of medical products.


Conduct mechanical testing of medical implants and surgical guides

Develop and document test plans, procedures, and design of experiments

Setup and debug testing machines

Provide a disciplined approach to organizing and updating test related documentation

Analyze experiment results and provide feedback to product development engineers

Basic Qualifications

Proficient in/familiar with mechanical testing standards, methods, and machines

Proficient in using 3D Modeling software(Solidworks)

Experience with design of experiments

Familiar with statistical tools/software, e.g., Matlab, R, etc.

Good communication and writing skills

Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Preferred Qualifications

BS/MS in ME, BME Material Sciences or related majors

Experience with medical device development

Excellent troubleshooting and test process improvement skills

Knowledge of anatomical models

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CAE Engineer

Summary Of Role

The CAE Engineer role is responsible for simulating and optimizing Medical device developed by ZSFab, including Medical implants and surgical guides. The ideal candidate has strong background in Finite Element Analysis and optimization.


Support strategic planning and deployment of CAE modeling processes to accelerate product development

Programming skills to develop robust solutions, GUI’s, and post-process output results

Translate actual problem to FEA model, select best solution and perform in an efficient way

Actively participate in product development, process improvement & problem-solving teams

Interpret FEA results and convert them to design suggestions that will guide product development teams

Use FEA to investigate opportunities in reducing cost & limit required testing

Correlate FEA model with field observations and/or lab results

Documentation of analysis are expected in the form of detailed technical reports, presentations & management updates

Basic Qualifications

Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, or related field of study with minimum of 5 years’ experience in FEA

Excellent understanding of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and structural optimization methods

Must have knowledge of Python Scripting Language

An understanding of product development process & quality systems

Highly motivated and results driven individual

Strong organizational and project management skills

Ability to communicate effectively with peers & management

Exceptional problem-solving skills

Strong interpersonal skills & ability to work effectively as a member of domestic or international teams

Preferred Qualifications

Knowledge of additive manufacturing technology

Experience with Simulia’s Isight and Tosca software packages

Experience with material constitutive model development

Experience with programming in C++ and Fortran

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development Experience

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Frontend Designer


Design the interface and interaction for ZSFab's web platform

Design company website, product brochure and publicity materials

Learn up-to-date design style and come up with original design

Focus on user experience design

Basic Qualifications

Experience with Website design and can work independently

Proficient in Sketch、illustrator, Photoshop and other design softwares

Proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other frontend techniques

Able to understand user requirements and analyse, communicate with teammates

Work Site


Frontend Web Development Engineer


Design and implement structure and function of ZSFab's web platform

Collaborate with Frontend Designer and implement platform functions

Optimize design based on user needs

Basic Qualifications

BS in Computer Science or related majors

Experience with Frontend Web Development

Proficienct in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, etc

Proficienct in jQuery、Bootstrap、AngularJS, etc

Able to solve problems, communicate and work with teammates

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Animal Test Assistant


Able to conduct animal test independently

Anaylyse related data

Organize, coordinate team work and schedule

Work on project management and implementation

Work on other tasks assigned by manager

Basic Qualifications

Responsible and hard working

Initiative, a team player and have passion in research

Have a bachelor's degree and background in clinical/basic medical sciences or related fields, experience in biomedical related skills and research

Preferred Qualifications

Have good English skills

Experience in animal experiment research

Strong publication record(SCI, etc)

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