Professional Services
ZSFab has the goal to provide the following solutions for healthcare
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Medical Implant 


ZSFab produce both patient-matched and customized types of implants as solutions, with: 


● Shapes and physical dimensions to fit each patient's special need.
● Porous lightweight lattice structures to enhance bone ingrowth, stability and comfort. 
● Enhanced fatigue life by proprietary designs.
● Adjustable regions for lattice structure.
● Bio-compatible materials.
● Optimized for Metal 3D Printing.
● (EBM, SLM, etc.).


Cervical Cage

Lumbar Cage


Acetabular Cup

Hip Implant

Surgical Planning


● CT Reconstruction
● Surgical Planning
● Confirm Plan
● Send to Print

Digital Modeling


We get the model from CT data with the help of 3D reconstruction software and confirm with the surgeon to get optimized result.