About Our Products




ZSFab's product design combines the best features that
enhance bone ingrowth, avoid strength shielding, and present
clear translucent imaging. We pursue perfectness in every
aspect of design, printing and post-processing, thus achieve
superior quality throughout the whole product cycle.

Demonstration of design with varying pore sizes



A wide-ranged distribution of pore sizes benefits in
accelerating the osteointegration process due to the
diverse requirements of cell attachment, differentiation,
and proliferation.





We can customize porosity, pore sizes and modulus according to patients' bone needs on both periodic and stochastic lattices.


Modulus Customization



Customize the modulus of ZSFab porous Ti materials according to patient's individual need. Avoid stress shielding and subsidence.




Through X-ray or CT imaging, the cage can be clearly seen,
with porous structure presenting translucent. The fusion
rate can be assessed through the imaging.